How do I clean the house when I'm pregnant?

Four cheap, safe and easy cleaning tips

By Alexandra Smith

1) Keep cleaning chemicals out of children's reach and avoid them while you're pregnant. So how do you clean stuff? Try using washing-up liquid with water and a non-bleach surface spray. Shift limescale with a pan scourer (check it won't damage the surface you're cleaning first) and add extra washing-up liquid to cover larger areas.  Unfortunately, weeding, bleaching grout mould and cleaning the oven are probably out of the question if you're pregnant or have a child in your care due to potentially dangerous cat poo germs and certainly dangerous chemicals.

Get the kids involved!
2) It's not just the floor that can be vacuumed, fluff-balls everywhere can be sucked up with the various attachments and the hose on
most models.  This means you can avoid dusting but you may have to wash the attachments from time to time as the brushy bits can smear instead of shine a surface if they're dirty.

3) If you use sponges to wash the dishes (often only £1 or 99p for ten if you look in the appropriately named shops) then keep hold of old ones for your next cleaning job. The same goes for old toothbrushes but keep them out of sight so no one tries to use them for anything other than cleaning. Empty ice-cream tubs are particularly handy for holding soapy water and a sponge. You could say that every time you finish 2litres of the sweet stuff, it's time to wash the car or scrub the window frames using the packaging to help (the lids are particularly good for scraping bird poo gently off your car's paint).

4) Save money on bin bags by using old carrier bags instead. You'll have probably done this before but these bags come in to their own if you struggle to get to your bin (as it ends up hidden in a child-locked cupboard under the sink). Taking the bin out is not such a chore if it's just a small tied-up bag. Unfortunately, with babies, you will get quite a few soiled nappies which means taking the bin out is a good daily habit.

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