How can I cut my expenditure?

Four ways to save on the big bills

By Alexandra Smith

Tip 1 - Consider living without a tumble-dryer (unless you already do that of course). Unfortunately, clothes do take a bit of time and space to dry naturally. You can save on the cost of buying a machine, maintaining it and running it but, if you have no where well-ventilated to hang your washing, then you may consider a dryer to be a necessity. If you already have to use airers then add a bit of extra drying space by using hangers (then the shirts are already hung up ready to go in the wardrobe as soon as they're dry).

How many airers?
Tip 2 - Think about using small appliances less. Do you need to iron everything or can it be hung-up while its still wet to dry relatively crease-free? Do you need toast or would bread be OK? Do you need a hot drink or would a cold one do? Can you let your hair dry on its own or at least only style it when it’s almost dry? May be the answer is 'No,' but think twice before switching something on.

Tip 3 - Wash the dishes yourself. Having less dishes and doing little and often can leave the dishwasher redundant. Not having a machine at all will save you the money they cost and the tablets they use as well as cut down on your energy bill.  If you don't use a machine anyway then save a few more pennies by buying a bulk pack of sponges from a pound or 99p shop and stick to the leading brand of washing-up liquid as a little bit really does go a long way.

Tip 4 - Look at your luxuries and check whether you need them. Do you need two cars or can you share one with a partner or friend? Weigh up the cost of public transport and walking against car tax, insurance, fuel, MOT, parking costs and repairs then decide whether you even need a car.  If you need a car for longer journeys or the weekly shop, try to walk everywhere else (this will save you getting a gym membership too).

Do you have any more tips to cut down on day-to-day expenditure?  Write your ideas in the comments box.

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  1. We don't have a tumble drier but use a heated airer instead - we bought ours from lakeland 2 years ago and it is worth it's weight in gold. They reckon it costs 3p an hour to run (no idea if this is true but it's definately much cheaper than tumbling!) A good compromise in my book

    1. Thanks Pam! That's a great solution and I had no idea such a thing existed! x X