Are there any healthy snacks for toddlers?

Top snack ideas for young children

By Alexandra Smith

Here are some of our snack ideas:

1) Ice cream in a cone. Not as messy as it sounds if you use a teaspoon to put the ice cream down the cone rather than on top of it. This saves dirtying a bowl and can take a toddler ages to eat if they insist on licking rather than biting. It's normally about £1 for 20 cones and £2 for 2litres of Neapolitan ice cream so it's fairly cheap if you only use a small amount of ice cream each time.

2) Yogurts and ice lollies are quite messy and usually very sugary. Something like carrot sticks and cream cheese or a tiny bit of fruit juice with water would be more appropriate for a toddler. Be careful with fruit juice as it can stain new teeth and really should be quite heavily watered down apparently (about 1 part juice and 8 parts water!). It is best if you can get your child to enjoy plain water when they're really thirsty- for them and for your purse's sake.

3) Fruit is clearly a favourite healthy snack but try to let a toddler learn how to eat it as it comes. Getting in to the fruit can be half the fun and it will save time in future if you don't have to peel and cut up pieces of fruit for a fussy five-year-old.  Supervise children while they eat so they don't choke on pips, stones or chunks of skin. Apples, bananas, pears and tangerines are the usual favourites whilst also being fairly cheap compared to strawberries or melons for example.

4) Too much of anything is bad so have a variety of snacks in your cupboards over the weeks. Bread sticks and cheese squares may be great one week while tinned pineapple and fig roll biscuits may work well for the next.  This should stop your child getting bored and leave them open to trying new things too. If you enjoy toast as a snack then try a selection of spreads like jam or real smooth peanut butter (avoid if you're worried about nut allergies). Real peanut butter should be 100% nuts not 50% vegetable fat so check the label.

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  1. Get some 'make at home' plastic paddle pop /ice lolly containers to put in the freezer..ikea do a good six pack and make up a mix of plain yogurt and fruit ( so its less sugary) . It takes ages to melt, tastes great without too much sugar, and is a great reward.

    1. Thanks for that excellent idea - please keep the suggestions coming!