Should I buy my child a doll?

Four tips if you're considering buying a baby doll for your child

By Alexandra Smith

Soft toys are easier to dress.
1) Very young girls and boys usually like to push their toys around because they spend a lot of time being wheeled along in a pushchair by their parents. If you're raising a 'man's man' then perhaps a teddy on a push-along car (or in a toy wheelbarrow) would be a suitable alternative.

2) Dolls and soft toys are very useful for helping a child make sense of what goes on in their day-to-day lives. Dressing, changing, bathing, potty training, eating, drinking and sleeping
can all be practiced with a toy. Children can use their own clothes, nappies, bath, potty, cups, cutlery and cot if they don't have toy versions so parents really don't have to buy everything in miniature (but it is cute).

3) If you're preparing your child for a new baby sibling or looking for something to occupy your child while you attend to your new baby then dolls provide a way for you to give them ownership and attention. Your toddler may try to help or hinder as you look after your new baby but, either way, you can ask them to get their 'baby' and copy you instead.

I think we have enough stuff now...
4) Older children may like dolls which eat, wee and poo but, to start with, a small soft-bodied doll is easier to dress, carry and cuddle. The age guides on dolls and their accessories (especially pushchairs) is usually age three plus; so buy strong toys without sharp edges or hinged mechanisms and remove any small parts or cords to prevent choking or strangulation. Children should be supervised when they play and toys should be taken out of a cot or bed where a child is sleeping.

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