Free Toy Food Tins

How to make your own toy food tins

By Alexandra Smith

Use labels from your favourite tins.
If you like to use those mini cereal boxes found in multipacks at Supermarkets for your child’s ‘shop,’ then you may like to make some mini toy food tins to put with them!
You will need:
A cardboard tube (from inside a roll of tin foil for example).
Food labels (or food adverts from fliers or magazines).
Sticky tape or a suitable glue.
Optional – thin card (a cereal box for example).
What to do:
Cut the tube so it is a mini ‘food tin’ size (you can probably get a few ‘tins’ out of a long tube).  This isn’t easy to do neatly and safely with a very tough tube so I’d recommend you use an appropriate saw, workbench and clamps (as well as wearing safety goggles) rather than use the chopping board and a bread knife as I did!  Stick a food label around the tube and line them up on a shelf for your child to ‘sell.’

Optional - You may also want to make a top and a bottom to your ‘tins’ by attaching circles of thin card to the top and bottom of the tube.  You could make little ‘suns’ (see the picture) to make the circles easier to stick or tape on to the tube and of course use the tube as a template to make the correctly sized circles.
Health & Safety:
As with all toys and homemade things, children should be supervised when using them.  Note that parts of the card, paper and tape or glue which the toy ‘food tin’ is made from may break off and present a choking hazard.  Don’t use poisonous or hazardous glue or tape and do not use cardboard which has packaged poisonous or hazardous substances.  Be aware that the straight edges of paper or thin card can cause cuts so you may want to use tape to cover these.  Take care when using scissors and keep them out of children’s reach.  Always use safe glue and other non-toxic artistic materials.

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