Free Toy Supermarket Trolley

How to make your own toy supermarket trolley

By Alexandra Smith

If you have no spare storage space or cash left to buy a toy shopping trolley then this idea could be right up your street.

You will need:
A child’s wheeled toy, e.g. a toy pram, a walker or push-along/sit-on toy.
An appropriately sized box, e.g. a shoe box or baby-wipes bulk-buy box.

What to do:
Just popping to the shops.
Remove the box’s top flaps then safely position (wedge) or place the box on to the wheeled toy. Model putting toy groceries in to it and your child will soon get the idea! You could even find somewhere to seat a doll!

Health & Safety:
Please be aware that adapting a toy will probably be against the toy’s safety guidelines and may void guarantees. The toy’s age guide will also be void. Do not let children play with wheeled toys near stairs or steps. Use caution if you decide to use string or other things to attach boxes to other toys as they may be poisonous, sharp or present a potential choking or strangulation hazard. As with all toys and homemade things, children should be supervised when using them. Be aware that the straight edges of paper or thin card can cause cuts so you may want to use tape to cover these. Note that parts of the cardboard box (and tape or glue holding it together) may break off and present a choking hazard. Do not use a box that has previously packaged poisonous or hazardous substances. Take care when using scissors and keep them out of children’s reach. Always use safe glue and other non-toxic artistic materials.

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