What is toy smithing?

Top tips for making your own free toys

By Alexandra Smith

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Toy smithing is the art of creating your own toys or adapting old ones using inexpensive or free materials.  Toy smiths aren't necessarily 'creative types,' because, let's face it, young children will play with anything.  Homemade 'smith'd toys', or smoys, don’t usually last long but they are extremely easy to replace when they break or become shabby.  Usually cardboard boxes, empty containers and a bit of tape is all you need to start smoying.
Tip 1 - Smoys often work best when combined with 'real' toys, e.g. a bought action figure living in a cardboard box den.  Take a look in the Get Crafty section of this site for some ideas to get you started.
Tip 2 - Involve your child in the making process so they take your lead and start to make their own stuff too.
Tip 3 - Don't buy expensive food just for its packaging.  Use what you have.
Tip 4 - Keep hold of old toys and clean containers to get out for some toy smithing with your child on a rainy day.

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