How can I make bath-time more interesting?

Cheap, educational bath toys

By Alexandra Smith

Bath Toys
Don’t spend too much money on bath toys as they tend to go mouldy quite quickly and need to be replaced. Try these cheap options:

Stacking cups - The cups pictured are from Ikea and have different holes in them so children can experiment in the water.

Boat - A margarine tub can make an excellent boat but throw it away if it breaks as they can be quite sharp. If you have any disposable kids meal or chocolate egg toy figures then perhaps they can ride on the boat but remember that they may be a choking hazard.

Balls – A plastic ball-pit ball without any holes in it will bob around and float in the tub. This can teach your child about water resistance and that containers filled with air can float on water.

Bubble maker – Make a small hole in the base of an empty clean plastic yogurt pot. Your child can turn the yogurt pot upside down and push it under the water. As the air escapes through the little hole, it creates bubbles in the water.

Squirting toy – Use an empty clean shampoo bottle to create a squashy squirting toy. If your child is too young to have small toys which they may choke on then you should keep the lid out of their reach. Do not use a bottle which has previously contained poisonous or dangerous substances.

Foam letters or numbers – These are relatively cheap and tend to last ages as long as your child isn’t in to trying to eat them (yet another choking hazard). Only get a few out at a time for your child to stick to the side of the bath. You could use the letters that spell your child’s name for example and make putting them up in the right order a regular game at bath time.

Always supervise children when they are playing in or near water and with small or breakable toys.

Do you have any more good bath toy ideas?

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