How do I leave the house with my new baby?

A list of essentials for an outing with your baby

By Alexandra Smith

Leaving the house when you have a baby or toddler may sound easy in theory but there are lots of things a child may need. Think of what may happen while you're out. Will they soil their nappy and their clothes? Will they be too hot or too cold? Will they be hungry or thirsty? Will they suddenly get a high temperature? A parent has to be well prepared in order to deal with these common issues.

Here's a handy list of the things you may need:

Hiding from the sun...
At least three spare nappies;

Plenty of wipes;

Rash cream;

Spare outfit;

A travel changing-mat;

A carrier bag or nappy sacks;

A muslin cloth;

Push chair or pram with rain-cover;

Sunscreen, sun glasses and a sun hat or a warm hat and mittens;

A small blanket (for warmth or shade);

A non-spill drink of water or milk;

Spare snacks;

Medication or pain relief;

A toy and a soother or dummy/pacifier.

If you're eating out with a toddler, you may also need:

A food-catching bib;

Small cutlery;

Paper, pencils, stickers, books or other distracting toys.

If you'll be spending a night away, you may want to consider taking:

A Moses basket or travel cot;

Pyjamas and bedding;

Spare pyjamas and bedding;

Bathing thermometer, sponge and soap;

At least ten spare nappies;

Something to check your child's temperature;

A baby monitor.

Hopefully this list will help you get out and about with your baby or toddler. However, while you're busy remembering what you want for them, don't forget your own things!

What other essentials do you keep in your outing bag?

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