Free Children's Christmas Story

We Munch you a Merry Christmas!

By Alexandra Smith

Munch Island is home to many curious little creatures called Munches. All these small beings have big eyes, oval faces and stubby bodies. They wear fat shoes under long cloaks and each one has a pair of round mittens poking out from under their baggy sleeves. This is the story of Santa Munch.

It was Christmas Eve on Munch Island and all the Munches were getting ready for Santa Munch to bring them their gifts. Footy Munch had hung an oversized sock on the wall of his football-shaped house, Princess Munch had decorated a massive Christmas Tree in her castle and Gardening Munch had hung a 'Santa Stop Here' sign on his shed door. Everyone was very excited. Everyone except Santa Munch.

Santa Munch stood in his present-shaped house staring at the pile of goodies he would be delivering to the other Munches later that evening. 'I've got a new hat for Chef Munch, a shiny medal for Olympic Munch and a red hairdryer for Stylish Munch but what have they got for me?' he asked pretty little Elf Munch.

'Sorry Santa,' she replied, 'I don't think they've got you anything again this year.'

Santa Munch sighed. 'I don't really feel like giving out gifts today. Wrestler Munch and Ballerina Munch didn't even say thank you last year.'

Elf Munch looked worried. 'Oh dear Santa. Everyone will be expecting something from you because your job is to give them presents!'

Santa Munch looked out of the window. It was quite dark outside and he felt sleepy. 'Well this Christmas Eve all I'm doing is going to bed.' He stomped off to his room and closed the door.

The night passed and Christmas Day came. All the Munches jumped out of their beds to look for their presents but no one had anything. Baker Munch's cookie cutters were no where to be seen, Office Munch's new fountain pen had not arrived and Shopper Munch's supermarket trolley could not be found. Everyone was very angry.

'Where's my new boots?' Shouted Footy Munch.

'Where's my new tiara?' Sobbed Princess Munch.

'Where's my new lawn mower?' Cried Gardener Munch.

All the Munches decided to go and confront Santa Munch and demand their gifts from him. They marched in a line to his bright red box house with its big green ribbon. Super Munch led the way and rang Santa Munch's doorbell. Jingling bells rang out and Elf Munch opened the door.

'Where's my new belt?' Moaned Wrestler Munch.

'Where's my new shoes?' Wept Ballerina Munch.

'Where's my new cape?' Bellowed Super Munch.

Elf Munch looked unhappy. 'Santa Munch says that he gives you all gifts and you do not give him anything back or say thank you so he doesn't want to give out gifts this year,' she announced and closed the door.

The crowd of Munches stood in confusion.

'I have been nice all year!' Exclaimed Baker Munch. 'I deserve my cookie cutters.'

'I am very busy writing important things,' said Office Munch. 'I need my new pen.'

'I've been exceptionally good too,' added Shopper Munch, 'and I want my trolley.'

They began to chant 'We want Santa! We want Santa! We want Santa!' Hoping that Santa Munch would be forced to come outside and give them their presents.

Fairy Munch was good friends with Santa Munch and she suddenly felt quite guilty. 'How silly of me. I must get Santa a present!' She said and she flew back to her mushroom house to find a gift. Fairy Munch was very good at making cakes and thankfully she had just made a dozen beautiful little sponge cakes each with a blob of red icing on the top. She carefully applied a white bobble of marzipan to each one so they looked a bit like Santa's hat and popped all twelve in to her favourite tin.

'There,' she whispered. 'Imagine how happy Santa will be when he sees these cakes.'

Fairy Munch flew carefully back to Santa Munch's house with her gift and knocked delicately on his window. The other Munches didn't notice as they were still too busy shouting. Santa peered through his curtains to see Fairy Munch grinning and pointing at an attractive tin. He gestured at her to come in so she made her way through the noisy crowd and flew up to the front door. Santa opened the door and began to laugh loudly.

'Ho ho ho!' He boomed.

The other Munches fell silent as Fairy Munch opened the tin and held it up so Santa Munch could see the dainty little cakes inside.

'This is for you Santa,' she said, 'because you are such a good friend and I wanted to make you smile.'

Santa Munch looked much happier. 'Thank you very much Fairy. Would you like your gift too?'

'No thank you,' she replied. 'Your smile is a gift to me. When you deliver my present next year, I will be grateful and I will leave a nice treat out for you too.'

They both turned to look at their Munch friends who all seemed to be feeling less angry now.

'Sorry Santa,' said Chef Munch.

'Thank you for working hard to buy us the gifts we want,' said Olympic Munch.

'And wrapping them up to surprise us,' said Stylish Munch.

Santa Munch beamed at them. 'You are very welcome.'


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