Free Gift Boxes

Make free gift boxes using old cards

By Alexandra Smith

Some people recycle their old Christmas cards by cutting them up to use as gift labels for the following festive season. That's a good idea but this is another one which you may like to try. Here's how to make mini gift boxes for smaller presents (like jewellery) or perhaps you can make a few boxes to go in a doll's house or under a mini Christmas tree.

You will need:

A used Christmas card.
A ruler.
A pen or pencil.

What to do:

1) Cut out the front of your Christmas card and make it a perfect square. Cut out the back of your Christmas card and make it a perfect square that is 1cm / 10mm smaller on each side than the front square.

2) Draw diagonal lines from corner to opposite corner on both squares.

3) On both pieces of card, fold the corners firmly in to the centre of the squares (where the lines cross in the middle) and leave them folded like that.

4) On both pieces, fold two opposite edges to meet in the middle (where the original corners should now be pointing) then let them back out again before repeating this step with the other two opposite edges.

5) Fully unfold both your card squares and study the crease lines you have made. Turn the squares on their corner so they look diamond-shaped and notice the central crease-outlined squares in the middle of each. These will become the top/base of your gift box. Make four precise straight cuts on each card as shown in the photo. The cuts should be in two opposite pairs which run parallel to each other along the crease-lines leading to the closest corresponding corners of the aforementioned central square.

6) On both squares, fold the corners in to the centre again and you should see the sides of your box top and base taking shape. You will also notice there are now four bits sticking out of each square. These bits need to tuck in to the folds within two sides of the top/base. Note- you will need to unfold the relevant sides to get the bits in to position underneath them.

7) Push the base piece in to the slightly larger decorative top piece to complete your little gift box.

Tip: Folding the box is quite fiddly but becomes easy once you get the hang of it. Look at the photos for help.

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