How can I keep my child safe?

Four Essential Safety Tips

By Alexandra Smith

When you have youngsters crawling or running around, it's important to make your home safe. Here are four quick and easy fixes:

Tip 1 - Store dangerous substances up high or in the cupboard under the kitchen sink (along with the bin). Use a gimlet to fit child-proof latches to cupboards which contain hazardous contents.

Tip 2 - Use plastic plugs/safety covers on every electrical socket a child could reach (even the ones they can climb up to). Keep sockets turned off when not in use and don't leave wires or unused chargers trailing out of live sockets.  Ikea do good covers as well as some cool corner bumpers for tables (they do damage surfaces when removed though).

Tip 3 - A safety gate is essential at the top of a flight of stairs (if you have stairs). You may like to have one at the bottom of the stairway as well. A travel safety gate can also be good to close off various places in your house at different times. For example, it's generally a good idea to keep children out of the kitchen. If you can't keep your child out of your cooking area then keep knives away from the edge of surfaces and always place hot pans at the back of the cooker. A child can easily pull these things on to themselves.

Tip 4 - Lock all windows with a key. If there are no locks on your windows or you want them to be open, fit window latches to ensure they don't open far enough for a child to climb or fall out of. Also, if you have any blinds, keep the cords tied back so a child can't be strangled by them.

If you want further guidance on how to keep your home safe, visit the RoSPA.

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