Where are we going to put all these toys?

Top toy storage boxes

By Alexandra Smith
Stackable plastic box.

Toy storage can be expensive, bulky and sometimes even unsightly.  If you'd just like to box your child's toys and put them in a cupboard or under a bed then here are some solutions for you.

Stackable plastic boxes:

Pros- Great for stacking if you lack floor space, quite low so will fit under standard height beds, will hold quite a few toys.

Storage buckets or baskets.
Cons- Often quite brittle plastic so can't hold heavy items, a stack of boxes could fall on a child, any cracked plastic can be sharp.

Flexi tub or basket style storage:

Pros- Often attractive, easy to carry, relatively strong, can be bought small enough to fit under most beds and on most shelves.

Cons- Can't hold many toys, does not stack well or at all when full.

Zip open Ikea boxes.
Zip-open Ikea boxes:

Pros- Fold flat when not in use, quite attractive for a box, relatively large and will store quite a few toys.

Cons- Quite tall so does not fit under most beds or on most shelves, can only safely stack two high and the top one must only be lightly filled for this, difficult to carry when full of heavier items.

Neat-oh! zip-up play mat/storage box:

Neat-oh! play mat/storage box.
Pros- Attractive as a toy itself, folds flat and stows in lid when not in use, nice as mobile toy storage (for a child to use when wanting to take a few toys to a relatives house for example).

Cons- Doesn't hold many toys, will get damaged if filled with heavy items or stacked with other boxes.

Do you have any top toy storage solutions?

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