What extra-curricular activity would your child enjoy?

Clubs, KalliKids and Volunteering

By Alexandra Smith

What club could you run?
Finding outings and clubs for your child is a great way to help them learn about the world around them. As well as gaining confidence and new skills, children can often make new friends too. While planned activities can help give parents a well-deserved break or fit around work commitments, the related practicalities and costs can also prove problematic. Therefore, it's important to choose something your child will enjoy and benefit from.

If you are searching for a new activity for your child, you may like to pay www.kallikids.com a free visit. KalliKids is a fresh accreditation scheme who are currently growing their parenting network. As well as approving providers and involving families in the review process, KalliKids keeps an attractive bank of ideas for the public to peruse. Follow this link to see their tips on learning and advice on extra-curricular activities which your child may enjoy.

If you think you have a skill you could teach children then you may like to approach your child's local school or toddler group to see if you can get involved. A school would not normally pay for your time but each subject coordinator has a budget and you may be able to persuade them to part with some of it (depending on your expertise and the quality of your activity). Equally, running a free after-school club for a small group of children could be quite rewarding and a member of staff would have to be with you at all times if you are not CRB checked so help would be close at hand. Schools like to have good working relationships with parents and their local community so they may be glad of your support. Furthermore, teachers have a lot of planning to do and do not usually get paid anything extra for the clubs they volunteer to run after a full day of lessons so they may gladly welcome your input!

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