Why are Lalaloopsy dolls so popular?

Lalaloopsy Review

By Alexandra Smith

Creepy or Cute?
Lalaloopsies are a very sought after collection of dolls. They are possibly more suitable for children than other popular doll brands because they are not excessively made-up or perfectly formed and they do not flirt or gossip. In fact, the marketing, story books and other media surrounding them suggests they are very sweet girls and boys who love eating, playing and helping each other. A quick search on YouTube will show you how many children have made video stories using the dolls they own; so they could actually be considered an educational toy!

Each Lalaloopsy doll has a pet and a character theme which help to inspire play and storytelling. For example, Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises is a nurse with a bandaged bear (because she was sewn from a nurse's uniform) and Spot Splatter Splash is an artist with a stripy zebra (because she was sewn from a painter's overalls). If children want to change their dolls' personalities, the Large and Littles outfits and shoes can be easily swapped or more can be purchased for 'fashion play.'

The dolls' button eyes remind many people of Neil Gaimen's 'other' people in Coraline and Lalaloopsies are said to have 'come alive after their last stitch was sewn' (but they are arguably more cute than creepy). Soft Lalaloopsy dolls are technically sewn but most of the Lalaloopsy ranges are made from robust, durable plastic. The Large and Mini dolls' limbs have been designed to act like a real rag doll's might so they are quite wobbly whereas the Littles (the baby sister's of the larger dolls) only have wobbly heads.

Micro Dolls
The Large Lalaloopsy dolls' heads are quite heavy, some of their accessories are quite small (the Silly Hair Dolls' beads for example) and their leg joints can nip your fingers so it is probably best to adhere to the manufacturer's age four plus recommendation. All the Lalaloopsy products are quite expensive (as all quality toys and dolls are) but you can find good deals or offers in toy shops or online as long as you do not try to purchase one of the rarer dolls which are no longer being manufactured.

Lalaloopsy packaging is extremely appealing and the Large and Littles dolls come with a poster which reflects the box they originally came in. Lalaloopsies are marketed as being collectible but if you want to collect them cheaply then look at the Micro dolls. These do not have pets, their bodies are interchangeable and they come with a sticker of themselves. They look quite similar to blind-box figures from Kidrobot (apart from the fact there is a tiny hole in the packaging so you can actually check what you are getting).

If you want to know more about Lalaloopsies, visit their website, read their Wiki or watch these webisodes (all available on the Lalaloopsy YouTube Channel):

Webisode 1: Jewel Sparkles' Un-Birthday Party 
Webisode 2: Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff Wants a Snow Day 
Webisode 3: Peanut Big Top Learns to Ride the Unicycle 
Webisode 4: Pillow Featherbed Up All Night 
Webisode 5: Bea Spells-A-Lot and the Pet Talent Show 
Christmas Webisode: It's a Wrap 
Too Close for Comfort
A Ruff Rescue

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