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Top 4 Messy Play Products

By Alexandra Smith

Some of these products are a little on the expensive side but worth a look if you want something different.

1) Bubber - This is a soft and very light dough which does not dry out or leave a residue. It feels very smooth and is extremely easy to shape and squash. Cheaper alternatives include Moon Sand or Moon Dough.

2) Crazy Soap - This isn't a new idea but it is improved. It's a gentle foam which can be shaped and even bounced. It's suitable for the bath as well as the craft table. Some sources sell this product quite cheaply.

3) Gelli Baff - This powder expands in water so you end up with a jelly-like goo. A second powder turns the goo back to water (apparently). You may need to buy loads to fill a bath but a small batch made up in a hand basin or bowl would be good fun and you could keep it for a few days play.

4) Play Foam - This product is made from lots of tiny foam beads which stick together. Strangely, they don't stick to carpet or hands but the squishy beads can go astray. It's quite a stress-reliever as well as being mouldable.

Other weird stuff and things you will probably have seen before: Aqua Beads (beads which can be glued together with water), Orbeez (tiny balls which expand in water), Play Doh (duh), AquaDraw (drawing on water-sensitive mats or pads), Magic Painting or Aqua Colouring books (they still exist!) and's cool anamorphic drawing toys (these use mirror cylinders to 'reveal' pictures).

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Blue Gelli Baff with glitter and other stuff in the mix.

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