Free Hobby: Writing

The Benefits of Writing and How to Get Started

By Alexandra Smith

Writing is educational and can be a free pastime where you have control so, if you're short of cash, it's a good way to spend your leisure time.

Starting out:

Tip 1 - Write a free blog and use social media to draw people to it. Call your blog a general, short name which is easy to remember. That way, you can cover any topic you like while your writing develops and people will know where to find your work.

Tip 2 - Make friends with other writers for free education and experience. You could go online looking for unpaid or paid positions writing for established sites. If that doesn't appeal to you then start a writing group (online or in person). Sharing your work with others and getting feedback will build up your confidence, resilience and knowledge of what appeals to others.

Tip 3 - Choose a role model you can relate to. I recently chose Sarah Hall because she is from Cumbria (like me) and I felt like I could learn a lot from her work. She is an established writer but not ridiculously famous. I've just recently bought her first book to 'study.'

Tip 4 - Find inspiration to write. Without a reason to write, it can become difficult to see the point in doing it at all. Your new contacts or blog followers can help you by being your audience and setting new challenges for you so allow them to make comments on your blog entries.

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