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4 Healthy, Easy Lunch Ideas

By Alexandra Smith

I haven't got the patience or time to cook from scratch but I do try to prepare things which are healthy, cheap and take little effort. These are easy meals that even I can make. Please add more ideas for me to try too!

1 - Buy a fresh margarita pizza (usually about £1.50 in the fridge section) and healthy toppings for the kids to help put on it. Tuna and sweetcorn or ham and pineapple are cheap and easy ones. This pizza will not take long in the oven and will taste much better than a frozen one.

2 - Baking potatoes are relatively cheap and will cook surprisingly quickly in the microwave. Add beans and cheese for a basic topping.

3 - Buy a pack of stir fry veg and add a basic stir fry sauce (or make your own if you're more advanced than me). Add to plain rice for a vegetarian stir fry which takes far less time to cook than if you were using meat.

4 - Boil up some pasta and add some of a jar of tomato sauce (one which says 'part of your 5 a day'). You could also use some extra mixed veg to increase the nutritional value of the dish. Introducing meats such as chicken or sausage may make the meal less healthy and more expensive but that's up to you!

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