Please stop crying

4 ways to stop children crying

By Alexandra Smith

If your child cries a lot and for small reasons then these ideas might help to calm them down:

1) Get a wind chime and hang it up indoors (within your reach) for an instant noise distraction when you need one. Other small musical instruments may also help when you're out of the house.

2) Get a puppet or soft toy and pretend to make it talk to them when they're upset. If they're generally sad about something more serious that's happening to them (like moving house or losing a grandparent) then they may talk about what to do about this with the toy.

3) Don't show too much attention for persistent crying in case the child starts to use crying to get their own way. Talk through a system to avoid crying, such as playing with a piece of string, counting or singing a song.

4) Give your child space to cry if they are upset about something then talk to them about what was wrong once they've calmed down. If they're having a tantrum then it may be easier to put them in their room (for 1 minute if they're 1, 2 minutes if they're 2, etc) so their temper doesn't make you angry too.

* Obviously, if your child is crying because they are hurt or ill then seek medical help and/or give sympathy as appropriate. 

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