10 Clutter Clearing Tips

Ways to cut down on the clutter and keep your living-space tidy

By Alexandra Smith

1) Fix up and clean your old stuff then sell it for realistic prices (about 1/4 of the 'new' value) at a car boot sale yourself. Note that some old items are desirable and rare so check the 'completed listings' for similar items on Ebay to see how much people will pay for them (e.g. Fisher Price toys, collectables, retro or vintage items and new or old popular children's TV toys).

Hoarding or moving?
2) Don't buy more stuff. If you enjoy buying bargains, buy stuff that will be useable. For example, do the food shopping rather than wandering around the tempting high street stores.

3) Photograph sentimental stuff and save the image digitally.  Then decide whether you need the actual item or if you could sell it and keep the reminder image instead.

4) Give stuff to charity shops, use the local tip and see your local area's website for recycling facilities where you could take your old stuff.

5) Put aside a day each month where you will organise a room, a drawer or a cupboard...or even the loft or the shed!

6) If you like to collect things then make sure they're small (like fridge magnets) or useful (like Christmas tree decorations...kind of)...or collect library books then return them when you're done.  You could even consider selling your old collections to start new ones.

7) Put clothes that you don't wear in to carrier bags and store them. If you don't miss them over the next year of all four seasons then get rid of them.

8) 'Rag bag' any tatty, stained or worn clothes or throw them away.

9) Look at pictures of yourself in clothes- do you look good in them? If not then consider selling them or giving them to charity.

10) Take up cleaning, tidying and organising as a hobby. It's good exercise, a lot cheaper than a gym membership and will get your house in good order.

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