Big Art for Kids

How to let your child make big art...without making a big mess

By Alexandra Smith

Finger, hand and foot painting sounds very creative but is very impractical and messy.  Here are four tips to keep it simple:

1) Be organised.  Set up space on a vinyl floor or a suitable old plastic sheet / table cover.  Have a large opened-up cardboard box ready to use as a canvas (or perhaps several opened up boxes).  Make sure the child or children have old clothes on and try to get hold of children's overalls for them to wear as an extra precaution (it's probably best to let them play with paint before they are due a bath rather than just after they've been washed).

Before she got totally messy!
2) Use an old plastic plate or similar to store the paint that is to be used.  Ensure the paint is safe for contact with skin and for children to use.

3) One child at a time - it gets quite slippery when children get their feet involved in the paint so they may need to be held by an adult to stop them falling over (keep things which may get fallen on out of the way to reduce the risk of serious injury).  Therefore, one child at a time is the best idea.

4) Have the shower on standby.  Some children (e.g. my two-year-old) may be able to get away with a basin of warm water, a flannel and a towel to clean themselves up after painting.  However, after my four-year-old (pictured) had finished painting, we had to put carrier bags round her feet so that she could walk to the bathroom for a shower as she had got paint all over herself and had slipped over in it a couple of times too.  She had great fun though.

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