Getting ready on time with children

How to help your little ones get ready to leave the house, without the fuss...

By Alexandra Smith

Chalkboard Wall Diagram

Here are five tips to help you out in the morning. Some of them seem like common sense but, when you're a tired parent with children who put their shoes on the wrong way and pour cereal all over the floor, you sometimes don't think of these things:
1- Put out clothes, bags and shoes for the children in an area they can find and reach (e.g. a chair near a radiator) the night before. You could get them to help with this task the night before too by making it fun and laying out clothes on the floor so that the clothes look like a person.

2- Get up a little bit earlier than your kids, in order to get yourself ready - even if it's just to get a shower before they rise.

3- Get them in to the routine of eating at a table in a room where there is no television on so they focus on eating their breakfast rather than zoning out.

4- Try drawing a diagram of what the morning tasks are. I drew this one on our chalkboard wall after I asked my eldest daughter what we needed to do to get ready on time. She just thought she needed to eat breakfast, which would explain why the other tasks seemed so difficult! She seemed a lot easier to get ready once she had a visual check-list to follow (eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing hair and tying it back, brushing teeth, and getting bags, etc ready to go).

5- Give the kids 20-30 minutes to eat their breakfast then try setting an alarm (on your mobile phone) to go off for 'Dress up time,' snooze it for 10 minutes so it goes off at 'Brush teeth and hair (and use the toilet) time,' snooze it for 10 minutes again so it goes off for 'Let's go! time.' If the kids can hear it then they may start trying to race to beat the alarm or each other to the task.

Good luck!

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